MCRmy meetup California 2019

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Mellifluous Apocalypse
Posts: 53

I refuse for it not to happen. WE HAVE TO HAVE THE ROAD TRIP, YES. I can just invision us. But we won't be kids... we'll be full grown adults with a fucked up sense of style. AHAHA. Can't wait!


Mellifluous Apocalypse

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Faded Electric
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Why do I imagine a whole flipping caravan of RVs and stuff, we'll probably be on the news or something...:roll:

I can see it now, I'm driving a Winebago like on The Walking Dead and its chuck full of Crash Queens and Rubber Burners...:D


The toxic feed chased away that static and save my ass.
Aim for the head, not even walkers get back up after that.

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