MCRmy meetup California 2019

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MCRmy 2019 meetup

  1. When will the meetup be held?

    In 2019. The exact date is not set. People on the MCRmy boards are discussing about if it should be in the summer, or during New Year's.

  2. Where will the meetup be held?

    In California. The exact place isn't definite yet. The only location that is set, is the Diner that was used in 'Na Na Na'. Other than that, we'll probably be at a desert most of the time.

  3. Will the band be there?

    We don't know. We haven't arranged anything yet and we don't know if it's possible. We would love to have the band at the meeting though. 

  4. What will this meetup cost for me?

    That depends on where you live. You'll have to pay for the plane tickets yourself. You also have to decide for yourself where you want to stay at night, and you'll have to pay this yourself as well.

    Besides that, there are people discussing on the board on how we should arrange things that include costs. If we want to book the 'Na Na Na' Diner, which is a movie set, and buy art supplies, we'll have to share the costs. But right now, it's way to early to figure out what everything will cost (:

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  1. How can I contact you?

    If you have a question that you don't like to post on the Forum, you can ask me stuff through my personal message box..

    You can find this by searching for my username at the 'Forum' page (SweetRevengeKel-E), click on my username so you'll be directed to my page and then at the left side of that page, you'll find an option to send me a personal message. Use that option to ask me questions personally.

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