MCRmy meetup California 2019

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MCRmy meetup California 2019 - updates

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  • Lifesize cardbord cutouts of the band
  • Bring your boas!
  • We need (Starbucks) coffee, cupcakes, dogs and unicorns (and maybe cigarettes) to lure the band. 
  • Spontaneous Singalongs!
  • Group photo
  • Arts & crafts
  • Invade the Diner that was used in the Na Na Na video
  • Have Raygun battles in the desert
  • Make a DVD of the meetup, sell it, cover a part of the costs and give a part of the proceeds to a good cause
  • Camp out in the desert
  • A tribute to Kevin
  • Scenario reading
  • Sister wife meetup
  • Band performances from bands formed by Killjoys
  • Eating beans around the campfire
  • Disneyland
  • Roller skating
  • Spray painting
  • Re-enact Na Na Na
  • Parade!
  • Have roadtrips from the east- to westcoast in vans with a lot of Killjoys
  • Airbrush tattoos
And very important: Dress as a Killjoy! 

See the list of organizers here

MCRmy California 2019 meetup

On March 23rd 2011, MCRmy user ElectricTetris opened a thread that is called: 'Meetup 2019'. She opened a thread that would become a serious plan. 35 pages later, a bunch of Killjoys are thinking of how to realize the meetup that is planned in 2019. 

Probably every MCR knows that the Danger Days CD has the 'California 2019' theme.. That is why we want to meet all of the other Killjoys in California in 2019. So start saving your money for flights now, get your Killjoy costumes together and help organizing and thinking of stuff to do at the meetup.

The main things on the meetup will last for a few days, but you can be there for about a week, so that people that have to travel from far, don't have to go after 3 days of Killjoy fun.

Will you attend? Would you still want to meet fellow Killjoys in 2019? Please keep an eye on this website, follow and @MCRmyCA2019 and discuss on the forums on this website or on You can also share this website with the following buttons. 




Organizers of the meetup. These are the usernames you can find on

-Blood Skeleton
-Sonia Marie
-Rachelescent(Four) - Rachel
-SweetRevengeKel-E - Kelly
-Radioactive Zombie - Sarah
-Hallow Wood